The Micro Connect LCM RE – (Standing for Rack Expansion) is the latest in the line of Linking Communications Modules.  This is a modular design that allows customers to choose cards based on their individual requirements.
Expansion card options are varied and can consist of xDSL (ADSL,VDSL), 4G, Ethernet and SFP Fibre uplinks. Bluetooth travel time cards along with V2I are also available.  Cards can be customised if required.


  • 3G/4G/4GX
  • Dual Fibre SFP with VLAN & 802.11q trunking
  • Failover support with link quality monitoring
  • Virtual routing IP instances
  • Advanced diagnostics with GUI and CLI
  • Flexible card based design
  • Easy upgrade as technology changes
  • Tethered dust covers for data ports
  • NATA tested to 70 °C operating temperature 


Main CPU module with easy swap smart card, USB config and diagnostic LED’s

20W AC power supply with 7 sec supercap UPS.  70 °C operating temperature

Traffic Signals Controller connects the TSC via RS232.  Full LED connection status




Dual 100M SFP + 2 x Ethernet.  Rapid spanning tree + VLAN trunking for redundant fibre

Gigabit SFP.  Compatible with Australia NBN FTTP

Single port Ethernet

4 x Managed Ethernet ports

BT V2 + 1 x Ethernet port.  Addinsight compatible

V2I DSRC SPAT module.  Dual core Linux running RMS SPAT code.  Micro SD.  2 x Ethernet + TSC serial

External loop Detector Adapter.  Linux PC running RMS EDA code  

4 x digital inputs. 4 x relay outputs. Allows remote IO across WAN to different LCM units

Serial to TCP/IP + Ethernet + 12V DC supply

®SCATS is a registered trade mark of RMS in NSW.